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Praise Dance and Mime Ministry

Dancing is how we express with our bodies what our hearts feels towards the Lord. We have to be expressive with both our bodies and faces, so that everyone can see the joy we feel within our hearts. We may wave our arms above our heads, clap wildly, sway our bodies, and move our heads to the music, but we won’t let anyone tell us that our style of praise is wrong. As long as it is praise, there is no right or wrong way. We don’t only minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we minister to ourselves as well. We are continuously seeking God to show Himself in us that we may be pleasing in His sight and do what He has called us to do; to minister to His people through dance.

We minister on:

Some Sundays

Major Holidays

Church Special Events

You will learn:

- What we minister about

- Why we are ministering to songs

- How we use our bodies to minster

All Ages Male & Female Welcomed!

Want to Join?

Want to join the team? We want you too! Contact Sister

Kelsey McCarter or the Church Office.


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